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Other CBC Beers Currently Available

Oktoberfest  |  Batch 1000 Triple IPA  |  AirBrush T-Shirt Tropical IPA  | Michelada Mexican Lager  |  Push Pop Sour Ale  |  It’s Not the Heat Cold IPA  |  It’s the Humidity Hazy IPA  |  Pickin’ On Strawberry/Kiwi Wild Ale  |  Pumpkin Coffee Blonde  |  Doppelbach  Lager  |  12° Czech Lager  |  Kiwi Dreams Pale Ale

Non-Beer Options

Wine: Bardog Chardonnay  |  Voga Moscato  |  Bardog Cabernet Sauvignon  |  Mark West Pinot Noir  |  West and Wilder White Wine  |  West and Wilder Sparkling  |  West and Wilder Rose  |  Ciders: Apple  |  Pineapple Mango  |  Slushies:  Strawberry with Vodka  |  Peach with Vodka  |  Kombucha: Mango

Other CBC Beers Currently Available

Wallonian Dreams Farmhouse Ale  |  Dry Irish Stout  | The Oath Imperial Stout  | Barrel Aged Oath Imperial Stout  |  Long Baller Lager  |  The Throne Imperial Stout  |  Barrel-Aged Throne Imperial Stout  |  Nectaron Fog IPA |  12° Czech Lager 

Non-Beer Options

Wine: Bardog Chardonnay  |  Voga Moscato  |  Bardog Cabernet Sauvignon  |  Mark West Pinot Noir    Ciders: Apple  |  Pineapple Mango  |  Slushies:  Margarita with  Tequila  |  Sun Drop with Vodka  |  Kombucha: Lime

Our Beer Philosophy


    • High quality, and locality
    • Hand selection
    • Our beer is only as good as our ingredients.
    • Relationships with our ingredient suppliers/farmers


    • Creativity is a must, but not the end-all be-all.
    • Sometimes brewing a simpler beer (as far as recipe) is being creative.
    • Pushing our customers out of their comfort zone
    • Imaginative towards branding and marketing new products

    Fresh Is Best

    • Fresh is one of the most important ingredients.
    • Not all beers we produce need to be large scale. Fresh is best, and this sometimes means we brew smaller batches more often.
    • Time is the 5th ingredient in beer. And to produce the best quality product often requires time. No beer is to be rushed.


    • Brewing requires a team, and our local community is and always will be a part of that team. In addition, the community of local brewers who help inspire, share feedback, and push one another to make the best beer possible is on that same team.
    • Fresh beer is contagious and brings people together.

    Learn more about our beers…

    These beers represent the many types of beer that we have brewed here at Cabarrus Brewing Co.  Click here to see our current listing of available beers or click on one of our Core Beer* cans to learn more about that particular beer.

    Cotton Blonde*

    Blonde Ale

    4.7% ABV

    Vanilla Coffee Blonde*

    Coffee Blonde Ale

    4.7% ABV

    Sew Juicy IPA*

    New England IPA

    6.1 % ABV

    Rocky River IPA*

    West Coast IPA

    6.5% ABV

    Olde Cabarrus Lager*

    Vienna Lager

    5.0% ABV

    Sour Drop Sour Ale*

    Fruited Tart Ale

    5.3% ABV