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Why Do This?

We strive to meld local history, character, and traditions with locally produced craft beer of the highest quality.

The Cabarrus Brewing Company (CBC) was born as the result of combining three very different desires on the part of its founders.

The first was a sincere desire to develop a business concept that its founders, as all long term residents of Cabarrus County with varying professional backgrounds, saw as an investment in and with their neighbors and community in their own back yard.

Second was a sincere desire to develop a concept that showcased the area’s rich history and unique character. Having spent a considerable amount of time in other parts of both the country and this state, every partner felt so much more could be done to share this area’s rich and unique past and history with its rapidly growing population. As the area continues to grow and expand on multiple economic fronts there has never been a more critical time to create something that showcased an economic past that is rapidly being forgotten.

Finally and certainly not the least important, is a true passion on the part of the entire CBC family for Craft Beer and the sense of community it represents. The explosive growth in the craft brewing community here in the United States is no surprise nor is it news to anyone who enjoys craft beer. The national movement to get closer to where your food comes from and a desire to interact with those that grow, produce, prepare and serve it is such a large part of what is driving the craft beer movement. Couple that with being able to gather with family and friends in a warm and hospitable atmosphere to enjoy that local product with a sense of community and you have what the craft brewing movement is all about.