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Chris Gladson

Chris Gladson is a singer, songwriter, and hopeless romantic. With a love for pop music, his introspective, emotionally vulnerable lyrics explore issues of love, loss, and identity while live band instrumentation evokes influences like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.

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Brooke McBride

Brooke McBride is a “no fluff,” “no filler” singer/songwriter who prides herself in just being downright real. In 2019, she signed a single song publishing deal with Banner Music (Nashville) for her single, “Heartbreak Hall of Fame,” and released her latest project, a six song EP entitled, “Coming Clean.” She has been featured on Today in Nashville, The Ty Bentli Show, WSM Radio (Home of the Grand Ole Opry), and many other news and radio shows across the US. Brooke has opened for acts such as Walker Hayes, Uncle Kracker, Sammy Kershaw, Erin Enderlin, and many more.

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