Mark Thompson

Chief Operations Officer

Mark was born in Concord. He grew up and still resides in Frog Pond. He is a proud father and a home brewer, with a background in operations. He’s a man of efficiency and productivity, but this job turns his duty-before-pleasure philosophy upside down by letting him get both in at the same time.  It’s hard to catch Mark at the center of attention or on his haunches. With such a demanding job, he still finds time when he’s at home or at the coast to brew beer, surf fish, tend his beehives or get on his tractor and…you guessed it…work some more! Mark met his wife, Mandy, way back in high school.  They have a daughter named August and two rescued canine kids, Fletcher and Arlo.  They are working to turn much of their property into a wildlife sanctuary and are passionate about animal rescue.

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