Jerod Lanam

Jerod was born in Charlotte, NC, but moved out west to Eugene, Oregon where he spent all of his childhood. As a young adult he decided to revisit his birth state and city and has called it home ever since (12 years and counting). His love for craft beer began while still in Oregon were the “craft boom” had already started to take off in the 90’s. Seeing the industry grow and migrate out of the west was a true testament to Jerod of the limitless possibilities the craft beer industry had for him. “It was then that I realized that this is what I wanted to do with my life.” It wasn’t until he started brewing avidly as a homebrewer that he found his calling. Starting off with adjunct forward beers, imperial stouts, and the occasional IPA, Jerod always wanted to push the envelope to see how much flavor he could pack into his creations. ” For me it’s all about the ingredients, they must be fresh, high quality and, if possible, locally sourced for a better understanding into the ingredient and where it came from.” In more recent years he has put his focus on the production of farmhouse ales, mix-fermentation, and oak aged beers, as well as taking on a love for traditional brewing techniques. “I feel it is important to pay homage to those who created the style by utilizing their methods. ” Aside from brewing, Jerod’s hobbies include gardening, disc golf, reading, and mycology. “My main focus is to create great beer for people to enjoy. If I can slip a little education or history lesson in there that would be awesome too.”